Our Stories Matter.

Now is the time to tell them.

Right now, we have the unique opportunity to capture and record the stories and struggles of people all around the globe during this major world event, as they happen.

What are we doing?

Our goal is simple: have as many conversations with as many people as we can. Over the next decade, there will be thousands of films, series, and articles about COVID-19, what it was, how it started, and how the nations of the world reacted. History and media will focus on the big-picture of the virus- what politicians said, what countries did, statistics and numbers of those impacted. But we're  interested in the personal stories. How the virus is impacting regular people's lives.

We want to hear from everyone everywhere that has been impacted by COVID-19.  Whether you have a compelling story or just some thoughts to vent, we want to hear what you have to say.

Our hope is to create something that is part of the historical record and documents struggle of the Everyman during this crisis.

What are we making?

Honestly, we're not sure yet. Maybe a documentary, maybe a series, maybe a public archive of our conversations. Maybe even all of the above. But regardless, we know we need to be capturing these stories now.

What's your story?

If you're willing to sit down with us for a brief video call and tell us about your situation, what you've dealt with, and what you're struggling with, please fill out our form and we'll be in touch.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, a college student, an athlete, or just a person who wants to vent, we want to hear your story.